Monday, October 21, 2013

7 reasons to buy a hybrid car

7 Reasons To Buy A Hybrid Car

This article details the rising popularity of hybrid cars, explains why these cars are so appealing, and list 7 reasons why someone might consider making a hybrid auto their next car purchase.

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Youre probably hearing a lot about hybrid cars these days. They are definitely being discussed everywhere. Hardly a day goes by that a major newspaper or television network isnt doing a feature story on hybrids. And everyday it seems like one car manufacturer or another is introducing a new hybrid vehicle.

So whats all the buzz about?

Well, hybrids are a new type of vehicle that runs on electricity (from a battery) and gasoline. Now, thats a novel idea isnt it?

Hybrids are picking up steam (sounds like a pun doesnt it?) everywhere, including the worlds most a car lovin city Los Angeles where many of the top stars are hybrid owners.

In the City of the Angels youll see environmentally forward thinking celebrities, like Bill Maher, Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Seinfeld co-creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator and star, Larry David behind the wheel of their hybrids.

You might also see the lovely Cameron Diaz cruisin the Hollywood Hills in her hybrid. And when Leonardo Di Capri


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