Monday, October 21, 2013

7 questions consumers ask before buying your product

7 Questions Consumers Ask Before Buying Your Product

It's difficult to reach your buisness goals if you don't have the right materials and/or the information to help your buisness reach the success it's capable of. These insights will help you generate the buisness you've always dreamed of.

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1. What's the deal?
Customers want to know what they are getting into before they open up their wallet. One of the best ways to upset them is to give them unexpected fees at the last minute. Make the deal plain and simple... no unexpected and unpleasant surprises.

2. How do I benefit?
Let's face it... customer really don't give a hoot about who you are, your hard earned credentials or your company history. They want to know "what this product will do for me?" Spend your time wisely; emphasize the benefits the consumer will enjoy... and you've got a sale!

3. How soon?
Our economy has come to expect immediate gratification. The quicker your customer has the purchase in his hands, the happier he is. Invest in quicker service, for higher sales volume and increased customer satisfaction.

4. Can I return it?
Hey, there's always risk in a purchase. What if it's not what the box made it look like? The knowledge that it can be returned soothes the customers fear of making a poor investment


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