Monday, October 21, 2013

7 points in finding a home business

7 Points In Finding A Home Business

I give 7 points on finding a legitimate business to work with from home.

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There is so much information online its amazing. You find something that interests you and you request information and thenyou are never there.

     Is it that you are bombarded with calls and emails?
     Is it that you clicked on something but dont remember?
     Is it that you were in a different state of mind at the time and its changed since?
     Is it that there is too much to choose from?

Are you looking to make money but you think everything is a scam or its too good to be true? You have been burned before and its a very hard thing to get over. I know. Ive
been there.

Or maybe you want to stuff envelopes or make crafts

Ive learned the hard and expensive way. I have yet to find a legitimate envelope stuffing company. If you find a craft to do they are very particular on what they receive. They are so picky th


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